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A range of solutions is needed to cure overall security ills

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MIT professor Nicholas Ashford considers proposals to counter the rise of misinformation

The right people, as well as processes, are key for data-driven business models to succeed

Most businesses fall far behind the digital curve, survey shows

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Better information policies can blunt the next pandemic’s economic impact

As hardware gains diminish, algorithms are on the rise

The more efficient the algorithm, the less work the computer has to do. For all…

Don’t count it out, yet. Despite huge pressures, McKinsey sees technology and process improvements boosting U.S. factories

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MIT’s Andrew McAfee advocates for permission-less innovation to encourage the flow of breakthrough ideas

Researchers analyzed communication patterns among at-home Microsoft employees during the pandemic and found that collaboration suffers when everyone works remotely.

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We need to set digital standards for a stable world economy


Addressing one of the most critical issues of our time: the impact of digital technology on businesses, the economy, and society.

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